Ukraine flag with sculpture in the background

Immoral War, Immoral Peace?

“Immoral War, Immoral Peace?” By: Angelina Patoka When Russia invaded Ukraine this February, some lamented the inevitability thereof as part of a ‘great’ political ‘game’ in line with the re-emergence of great power politics amid an anticipated shift in the political polarity of the world. Ukraine now stands united, its Read more…

CAWST team standing, with one woman holding the UNSDGs sign

Mission: WASH enable

Mission: WASH enable By: Rida Rehmani The COVID-19 pandemic closed many physical doors, but it enabled a world of possibilities for the training team at the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST). A cycle of poverty and disease traps millions of people- mostly in rural and developing areas Read more…

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